About Us

After spending more than 122 640 man hours working and networking in recruitment (which, if Malcolm Gladwell is to be believed, makes us world-class 10 times over), we feel that our approach to clients and candidates is just a tad different in the industry – or that is what we aim for at least! Because when you know better, you do better.

We are a boutique IT recruitment agency based in Cape Town with clients and representation across the whole of South Africa. Our clients range from small tech start-ups to a select few national corporates. We aim to find you a job where you will be happy in the long run!

We are old-fashioned in the sense of still preferring personal interaction with our clients and candidates. So, YES, we would want to meet with you (clients and candidates) AND get to know you – time consuming, we know. But if you spend the time you get the results. Therein we believe lies the difference!