Data Team Manager – Tygervalley

Full Time

We are looking for a data team manager with a strong analytical aptitude. The role includes the hands-on execution of monthly data loads, development of data pipeline tools and processes as well as the delivery of new analytical insights on a regular basis.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Managing the Seed Analytics data team and processes as part of the company management team;
• Engaging with internal and external stakeholders where necessary;
• Coaching and developing the team towards operational and development improvements;
• Taking responsibility for data processing activities with monthly delivery deadlines;
• Taking responsibility for data pipeline development and;
Taking responsibility for data analytics required by the business;
Skills and Experience
• Strong SQL skills, a minimum of five years experience;
• Data transformation experience, a minimum of five years experience;
• A minimum of three years experience providing advanced data analytics using server or cloud-based
data tools;
• Five years in the investments industry;
• Minimum of two year experience leading a team and;
• Minimum of two years in a scrum development methodology or the like;

Advantageous Skills and Experience:
• Apache Airflow;
• AWS:
o Glue and/or;
o Athena (Presto);
• Talend and/or;
• Python;
• University Degree, National Diploma, or equivalent qualification and
• Advanced certifications that relate to data analytics or data pipeline ability (industry certifications that
require an exam to pass).

R50 – 60k