Front End/SQL Developer – Stellenbosch

Full Time

Developing mobile-enabled, cloud-hosted, enterprise software, that is creating productive societies across Africa in the industries of Agriculture, Education, Health and Utilities.

You will be developing products that are hosted on their platform. Solutions comprise of RESTful API’s, web applications and cross-platform mobile applications that are written in JavaScript. The desktop/browser experience is developed in their own easy-to-learn language. Soon it will support TypeScript/JavaScript.

When the built-in ORM statements are not enough for heavy lifting the underlying data can be accessed via SQL

Teams are free to write their own tools and utilities in whichever language they choose such as Node.js or Python.

You Have 

* 3+ years’ of development experience (any language!)
* 3+ years’ experience working with SQL databases (extra points if you know PostgreSQL)
* Basic experience in JavaScript HTML, CSS

You will get

* A MacBook
* Unlimited, free filter coffee or your preferred brand of tea or infusion
* 100Mbps fibre wifi internet with no corporate firewall blocking your creativity, curiosity (or music streaming)
* Freedom to work remotely up to 3 days per week (each team decides their days and flexible hours)
* Free parking (early birds get the under-cover parking)
* Discounted gym membership of gym next door
* A stunning view of the Stellenbosch mountains from Techno Park
* Access to multiple restaurants and excellent coffee shops within walking distance

Dependant on Developer value and experience!

Only SA citizens based in Cape Town need apply.