IT Project Manager/Senior Support Engineer – Goodwood

Full Time

Develop and maintain information technology plans which outline project status individual tasks, milestones, completion estimates, and resource allocation.

• Planning and overseeing the preparation and dissemination of project communications.

• Assembling and coordinating project team members; assigning individual responsibilities.

• Ensure customer satisfaction through post-project debrief with clients.

• Effectively communicated project scope, schedule, and budget with both customers and contractors.

• Met customer deadlines and Service Level Agreements.

• Weekly sprint meeting setting project goals, handling schedule and scope progress and adapting to the life cycle.

• Responsible for creating and administering disaster recovery plans that will keep the company functional in the event of a crisis.

• Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule and project costs using appropriate verification techniques.

• Communication between Head Office and global branches on a weekly basis.

• IT Infrastructure Management.

Mainly office based

R40k negotiable